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Seniors & Google Drive

Dear Seniors:

Congratulations! In just a few days you'll be graduated Raiders! As you know, upon graduation you will no longer have access to FirstClass, Schoology, and Google Drive. We recommend you download any files from file storage in FirstClass and from Schoology before you leave us. In addition, there are some steps you should take to save your Google Drive files to your own personal Gmail account.

To do this, you will need to:
  • 1. Create a personal Gmail account
  • 2. Create a folder in your Glenbard Google account and put any files you wish to save in the folder.
  • 3. Share the folder to your personal Gmail account.
  • 4. Log in to your personal Gmail account and add the shared folder to your personal drive (note that the files are still owned by the Glenbard account--you need to complete the next step!)
  • 5. MAKE A COPY of the files so your personal Gmail account becomes the owner of the files. This part is important!
Alternately, you can download your files from Google Drive and save them to a flash drive or other storage.

For more detailed directions & a video, check out this link:

Best wishes for a bright future!