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Schoology Parent Access: Instructions

Schoology Parent Access: Parent Directions

1.      Go to and click on Sign Up.
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2. Enter your student’s Access Code given to you by one of your student’s teachers, your student's Guidance Counselor, or by calling the Main Office and asking for Rosemarie Beasley. You only need one access code for your student. Once you create an account, you will see all of your student’s activity in all courses. (Your code will have multiple digits/characters and dashes. Include the dashes!)

3. Once you have created an account, you can set up email and/or mobile notifications from Schoology using your Account Settings.

4. You can also add additional children to the same account using the +Add Child button in the dropdown next to your name.

Your Schoology account will allow you access to see the work that your student is submitting digitally. Keep in mind that all GRADES should be checked in PowerSchool. While your student may receive feedback and grades in Schoology, the grade of record will always be in PowerSchool.

For more assistance with using Schoology, please visit the Schoology Parent Guide using the link below: