Special Education
Dept. Chair : Ronald Claussen

About the Special Education Department:
The purpose of the special education program at Glenbard South is to provide for the individual needs of our special education students.  Educational services are implemented according to the recommendations of each student's Individualized Education Program (IEP.)  These services may be provided through a consultative model, within a resource setting (i.e. the student is spending less than 50% of his/her day in special education classes,) or within an instructional setting (i.e. the student is spending 50% or more of his/her day in special education classes.) The goal of our department is to provide support and assistance in helping our students develop compensatory strategies to address their individual learning needs. The ultimate result of this support is to ensure individual success at Glenbard South.

District 87 is a member of the Cooperative Association for Special Education (CASE), which offers a program at the South campus for students with specific lower incidence handicaps.  This program is the Guided Instructional Program (GIP).